Smart WiFi Air Purifier

Rating:- 4.5

The Levoit Vital 100S is a room gadget designed for the bedroom that provides powerful air purification. With a CADR of 143 CFM, it can purify a 222 ft² room 5 times per hour or a 1110 ft² room once per hour. It features a U-Shape air inlet, washable pre-filter, H13 True HEPA filter, and high-efficiency activated carbon filter, ensuring excellent air quality. The device also includes useful features like an air quality display, light sensor, and dust sensor. Its smart control capabilities allow you to use the Vesync App, Alexa, or Google Assistant to control settings, set schedules, and check filter life. With its pet-friendly features, including a pet mode and effective pet fur trapping, the Vital 100S is a perfect choice for pet owners. Plus, its 3-stage filtration system effectively removes dust, pollen, and other airborne particles. Overall, this gadget is a smart solution for solving air pollution problems, eliminating allergens, and creating a cleaner and healthier bedroom environment.