Smart MultiCooker with 1000+ Presets

Rating:- 4.5

The CHEF iQ Smart Cooker is a geek kitchen gadget that combines innovation, technology, and science to revolutionize home cooking. It features a built-in scale, automatic pressure release, and over 300 cooking presets. By integrating the hardware of the Smart Cooker with the software of the CHEF iQ App, users can enjoy a premium culinary experience. The Smart Cooker also receives wireless firmware updates, making it even smarter over time. The app offers hundreds of Guided Cooking recipes with step-by-step video instructions for elevated meals. With four integrated smart sensors, users can cook by weight without the need for measuring cups. Safety features include a 3-method auto pressure release system. The Smart Cooker is equipped with a high-tech LCD display and capacitive touch control for ease of use, operates at 120V and 1000 Watts, and is certified by ETL, FCC, and FDA. The inclusion of a built-in scale simplifies prep and cleanup, and the automatic pressure release adds convenience. With Guided Cooking and customizable presets, the Smart Cooker offers a versatile cooking experience.