Ninestars 3 Gal Touchless Trashcan

Rating:- 4.5

The content is about a pink gadget for the bedroom, specifically a 3 galtouchless trash can designed by Ninestars. This trash can has a sleek oval, fingerprint-resistant design and can be used in various places such as the home, office, kitchen, bedroom, dorm room, or kid’s room. It features advanced sensor technology that automatically opens the lid when debris or a hand is within ten inches or a 130° angle from the infrared sensor. The lid will remain open as long as debris or a hand is within range, and it will close automatically three seconds after moving away. The trash can is made of high-quality materials and has a water-resistant infrared motion sensor to prevent damage from spills. It also has delay sensing technology to preserve battery life and prevent unnecessary openings. The touch-free motion sensor lid closure seals in odor and eliminates cross-contamination of germs. The trash can requires 2 AA batteries and includes a removable ring liner to hold the trash bag in place for a neat and clean appearance.